Enhanced collaboration and a culture of innovation.

The Innovation Center and Dining Commons spaces will foster learning by encouraging student, faculty, and community interaction.

Innovation Center and Dining Commons ($60 million) New facilities will make it possible to elevate learning experiences, paving the way for collaboration among various disciplines while providing space for cutting-edge innovation. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Saint Francis High School is uniquely positioned to empower students to create, collaborate, and tap into technology resources that will prepare them for a world beyond the classroom.

To that end, the new Innovation Center will house math and science classrooms and laboratories, a robotics lab and maker space, and a Black Box Theater. The Dining Commons will be a space for student and faculty meals, as well as a commercial kitchen to support food preparation for dining and catering. It will also serve as a space for our community to engage socially. Students and families can gather and connect for various activities and community programs in a welcoming environment.

With Silicon Valley at our doorstep, Saint Francis High School has an incredible opportunity to empower students in the fields of mathematics and science. New enhancements include 12 math classrooms and 16 laboratories serving chemistry, physics, biology, engineering, and other disciplines, as well as an outdoor laboratory and student garden—all in an environment conducive to learning.

An already competitive robotics program will gain 3,000 square feet of production/maker space. And the 3,287-square-foot Black Box Theater will be home to drama, dance, and campus and community events of all types. This multifunctional space is highly flexible, making it ideal for TEDx Talks, hackathons, and more.

The Dining Commons, designed to accommodate 750 students or 450 people for seated dinners and events, and a new Faculty Dining Area will provide space for students and faculty to interact in a relaxed environment. New conference rooms will allow for enhanced programming, a variety of campus and community events, and common areas for students, educators, and alumni to gather.

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